About Us

It's Been About Faith And Family—Since 1996

Hey there. This is Cheryl, the owner of Reliable Air

To help you understand what we're like, it helps to know what we're NOT like.

We're not like most companies in that we don't cut corners—even when times get tough.

By cutting corners we mean: Do it cheaper. Do it faster. Just, do it. When HVAC companies do this, you pay the price. And that's just not right!

So, when I started Reliable Air in 1996, I aimed to do things a little differently.

4 things we do differently

Pray together

Everything we do is centered on faith and family.

For example, our family and employees often get together to pray, so that we can do what's right in God's eyes—especially in tough times. Trust us, it pays off for everybody!

Be picky about who we hire

It's not just about proficiency, it's about fit.

Even if someone has 30 years of experience, we won't hire them if they don't have the right cultural fit. For us, that means they need to be able to ethically serve you with a smile and a good attitude.

Invest in people

We don't just hire employees, we invest in them.


Constant in-house training, occasional out-of-state bootcamps, BBQ cook-offs (trust us, it's an investment)—all these activities equip our employees to take care of your family's comfort needs.

As a nice little side effect, employees rarely leave us. Meaning you'll always hear a familiar voice and see a familiar face when you do business with us.

Keep our word

We let our "yes" be "yes" and our "no" be "no".

If we say we'll be at your home at a specific time, we will. If we say we'll do a good job, we will. And if we screw up, we'll make things right. Scouts honor!

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