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We've got you covered. Canyon Lake homeowners have trusted us for over 20 years because we always stick to our word and provide the highest quality service.

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  • Reliable scheduling: We offer same-day service and 2-hour scheduling windows. You can always count on us to arrive when we say we will.
  • Reliable people: We only hire the best people, so they give you the best service.
  • Reliable relationships: We train our employees to treat you with the same care as they would their own family.

Air conditioning

Nobody likes to be stuck without a working air conditioner. Whether you need a new unit or a repair, our team of reliable techs are standing by ready to help. We provide the residents of Canyon Lake with the best AC installations and repairs.


Furnace or heat pump causing problems? Or know you'll need a new heating system in the near future? We can help. At Reliable Air, we provide emergency heating services and installations to Canyon Lake homeowners.

Air Quality

Are you looking to remove mold from your ducts? Or looking to just unclog them? Let us help! Our Canyon Lake duct cleaners provide homeowners with top of the line service.

Customer story in Canyon Lake

"Why did my AC quit working?"

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Problem: Canyon Lake homeowner, Roxanne H., noticed her air conditioner wasn't working when her house climbed to 82° F—too warm for comfort! Roxanne gave us a call to fix her AC, and we sent over our tech, Richard.

Solution: Richard thoroughly inspected Roxanne's air conditioner to troubleshoot the problem. He found her thermostat screen was blank. Upon further inspection, he found that the low voltage wire was loose. Richard tightened the wire and Roxanne's AC started working again.

“Took care of the problem right away”

“Boy, it is very uncomfortable when the AC stops working. My house was at 82 degrees. I received a call almost immediately after I searched out companies on HomeAdvisor. Shirley said that she could schedule something right away...which was a true blessing. I figured I would have to wait until at least the next day. Richard arrived right at the beginning of the time period (5pm-7pm arrival) and took care of the problem right away. He said it was a minor repair. I was so grateful to him for fixing it. I now have a new service company to give all of my AC/heating work/needs to...Reliable Air! Keep up the great work!”

—Roxanne H. from Canyon Lake, TX
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