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Providing Cibolo With Reliable Heating and AC Service

Some HVAC companies cut corners. We don't. We constantly train our employees so that they provide world-class service and follow the highest industry standards for every repair and installation.

We offer:

  • Reliable scheduling: We offer 2-hour scheduling windows and same-day service.
  • Reliable people: Every person on our team, from our customer service representatives to our technicians, are trained to treat you with respect and give you the best service possible.
  • Reliable relationships: We believe in creating long-term relationships with our employees and our customers.

Air conditioning

We provide AC repairs, installations and maintenance services to Cibolo homeowners. And no matter what work we do on your air conditioning system, we will guarantee it 100%.


We offer full heating services (furnaces and heat pumps) to Cibolo homeowners. Whether you need a repair, installation or general maintenance, you can count on us to do the job right the first time.

Air Quality

Are your ducts infested with vermin? Looking to get mold removed? We provide Cibolo homeowners with expert duct cleaning, you can count on!

Customer story in Cibolo

"Why isn't my AC cooling my home?"

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Problem: Frank C., a homeowner in Cibolo, contacted us because he noticed his AC stopped working. He had noticed that his AC was struggling to cool his home for a couple of weeks before it finally gave out. We sent our tech, Danny, to see what was causing the problem.

Solution: Danny inspected Frank's air conditioner and found that his evaporator coil was leaking refrigerant, the liquid substance that helps cool the air. Danny promptly replaced the evaporator coil and carefully cleaned up the leaked refrigerant (since refrigerant is potentially harmful to humans). Before he left, Danny made sure that Frank's AC was properly cooling his home again.

“Very polite and courteous”

“Reliable Air's Tech., Danny was very polite and courteous and not only came to prompt solution to my AC problem, but provided me with a long term plan to calm my worries. Great job!”

—Frank C. from Cibolo, TX
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