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Need reliable HVAC service? We can handle any type of job, from repairs to new system installations. When you hire us, you can count on our trained technicians to provide world-class service and follow the highest industry standards for every job.

We offer:

  • Reliable scheduling: We offer 2-hour scheduling windows and same-day service.
  • Reliable people: Every person on our team, from our customer service representatives to our technicians, are trained to treat you with respect and give you the best service possible.
  • Reliable relationships: We believe in creating long-term relationships with our employees and our customers.

Air conditioning

All of our AC technicians receive constant training so they are prepared to handle any AC service you may need. We offer the following AC services:


Whether you need a repair, installation or general maintenance, we can help with all of your heating service needs. We offer the following heating services:

Air Quality

Is there visible mold growth in your ductwork? Are your ducts infested with vermin? Our Universal City duct cleaners can help! Get a preliminary inspection from the team at Reliable Air!

Customer story in Universal City

Air conditioner—repaired

AC & heating repair san marcos tx

Kala L., a Universal City resident, came home from work only to find that her AC wasn't working. She tried adjusting the thermostat, but the air conditioner wouldn't turn on at all. At her wits' end, Kala gave us a call to diagnose and fix her AC.

We sent one of our maintenance technicians, Danny, to Kala's house to perform diagnose the problem. Danny started inspecting her air conditioner and found that the float switch had been triggered in her indoor unit, which prevented her AC from turning on. The purpose of the float switch is to prevent an AC from flooding the home with condensation. Upon further inspection, Danny found that the drain was clogged, which was causing water to back up into the drain pan and trip the float switch.

After Danny explained the problem to Kala, he gave her upfront pricing on the cost to fix it. Once Kala signed off on the project, Danny cleared the clogged condensate drain line. Within the hour, Kala's air conditioner was back up and running.

“Fair prices, speedy response time”

“Danny was courteous and patient with our work schedule. He performed our service expeditiously and competently. When he left, our AC was back up and running along with a future program for preventative maintenance. I appreciated the fair prices, speedy response time, and thoroughness. Reliable Air will have my business in the future!”

—Kala L. | Universal City, TX
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