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Reliable Duct Repairs for Uncertain Times

If your ductwork has damage from leaks, holes, dents, or improper installation, you may be wasting money on energy bills to heat or cool air that isn’t actually going into your home. That’s why at Reliable Air, we provide expert duct repair services that you can trust will keep your home well insulated and comfortable all year round.

Some companies cut corners— but not us. When you hire our team of skilled HVAC professionals, we’ll make sure to repair your home’s ductwork to the highest of standards. Call us for duct repairs, and you'll get:

  • Reliable expertise— We invest in all our service technicians' ongoing training and education so you can be 100% confident that we provide precise duct repairs every time.
  • Reliable scheduling— We offer same-day service and convenient 2-hour scheduling windows. This way, your duct repair service can accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Reliable staff— We’re a tight-knit company, and we maintain our employees for more than 10+ years. When you schedule service, rest assured you’ll see familiar faces at your door.

Cost of duct repairs in San Marcos, TX

Low Cost$250
Average Cost$550
High Cost$1,200+

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We can do a preliminary inspection and then give you a free exact quote on the cost to repair your ducts.

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How It works

How we work in 5 easy steps

  1. Schedule your duct repair

    We make it easy for you to schedule your duct repair service. Just give us a ring at 512–396–8183 or use our online appointment scheduler. We offer 2-hour scheduling windows. We will send you a confirmation, so you’ll know when we’re arriving.

  2. Notify you before we arrive

    Your service technician will call you when they’re 30 minutes out. This way, you won’t have to wait around, wondering when they’ll get there.

  3. Give you a price

    Prior to your duct repair service, your technician will inspect the areas that need repairing. They’ll also provide you with upfront and transparent pricing, so you never have to worry about receiving a surprise bill.

  4. Repair your ducts

    Once you’ve signed off on the duct repair quote, your technician will get straight to work. They’ll also let you know how long the service will take, so you can have peace of mind about how long they’ll be working in your home.

  5. Make sure you're happy

    No matter the job, each member of our team values efficiency and a job done right. To ensure that we lived up to your expectations, we’ll request feedback on our performance after the job is complete. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee— and we mean it.

How we work
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4 stars on Yelp
4.8 stars on Google

"We are very happy customers!"

"Reliable Air is the BEST! They installed our unit 4 years ago. We use them for maintenance checkups twice a year and whenever we have a problem. They are always on time, always polite, professional, and reliable!! We are very happy customers!"

-Sandra S

"Always reliable!"

"Always 'reliable!' Nice, friendly staff."

-Ron M.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee

We do whatever it takes to make you happy (like, 3-day weekend happy). So, if you have any issues with our duct cleaning service, we'll make it right—even if that means giving you your money back.

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